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Welcome to the DXdao Contributor Hub!

This category contains all the pertinent information for prospective and established contributors alike.

Guiding Tenets

  • DXdao is looking for talented contributors that are dedicated to improving the DXdao ecosystem. That’s why we favor recruiting those that have shown consistent and effective contributions to the DXdao experiment, regardless of their resume. DXdao is a place for you to expand what’s possible in DeFi.

  • DXdao offers fair & competitive compensation to seek individuals that are aligned with DXdao’s mission.

  • Structural transparency and a clear path for future growth are important in contributor development.

Getting Started

Looking to get involved?

Take a look at Open Positions and Bounties to get a better understanding of DXdao’s current needs.

Interested in learning more about DXdao’s inner workings? Read How We Work.

Ready to integrate yourself as a contributor with the DXdao community? Start with Contributor Onboarding, and join our Discord.

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