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Gnosis Chain to Mainnet Bridge Guide

What You’ll Need:

  • An ERC-20 token wallet such as Metamask where you will be completing this transaction

  • A small amount of xDai (less than 0.2) and an additional amount of Eth to process the claim transaction on Ethereum.

    • xDai for this transaction can be obtained for free from a faucet such as this one. Working faucets can be found in the #faucet-requests channel of Gnosis Chain’s Discord channel. Gas on Gnosis Chain is paid using xDai, and only 1 gwei is required for transactions to execute.


Step 1. Make sure your wallet (Metamask, etc.) is open and connected to the Gnosis Chain network. To connect to the Gnosis Chain network using Metamask’s Chrome extension, click on the dropdown box and select the Gnosis Chain network. If you are yet to add the Gnosis Chain network to your wallet, you can find a guide here.

Step 2. Open up the Gnosis Chain Token Bridge.

Step 3. Follow this Step-By-Step process on moving xDai to Dai on mainnet. Watch this How-To Video for extra assistance.

Step 4. Contact a member of the ContributorX Squad if you have any questions.