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Decentralized Communication Technologies


Through its on-chain formation, governance platform, and products, all of the information and technology that encompasses DXdao is publicly available on the Ethereum blockchain. All discussions and meetings are publicly recorded for anyone to access at any time. The goal being to create a completely transparent DAO that anyone can access and participate in.


No individual or single entity speaks for or has control over DXdao. Only decisions voted on by the DXdao community govern its treasury, product strategy, and how it governs itself. Power over DXdao decision-making currently rests in consensus on DXdao forums and the 450 ethereum addresses that hold non-transferrable REP, which is used for on-chain voting.

DXdao is currently in the process of allocating voting power to DXD holders through its Governance 2.0 initiative.


DXdao lives on the Ethereum blockchain. This includes its treasury, governance system, and products. All governance decisions are made on DXdao’s voting platform, Alchemy, which is an on-chain voting system hosted on the Ethereum Mainnet.