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Gnosis Chain MultiCall Token Orders

Using MultiCall Scheme on Gnosis Chain to Initiate a Token Order on Gnosis Protocol through Alchemy

Important Note: This is for xDXdao on Gnosis Chain


1) On Gnosis Chain, go to xDXdao’s GenericSchemeMultiCall plugin here.

2) Click “ + New Proposal” button

3) Enter “Title” and “Description

4) In “Add custom contract” field, paste in the GnosisProtocolRelayer contract: 0x0B0704f4F7813fA86d0DCc74E78E8447adB5Dbd7

The contract can be found here on BlockScout.

You will be notified of “Contract added successfully!

5) In “ * Contract Address” field, choose the same contract:

“Unknown name (0x0B0704f4F7813fA86d0DCc74E78E8447adB5Dbd)”

6) In “ * Method” field, choose:
orderTrade (tokenIn: address,tokenOut: address,tokenInAmount: uint128,tokenOutAmount: uint128,priceTolerance: uint256,minReserve: uint256,deadline: uint256,factory: address)

7) Enter all necessary fields:

This trade example is to enter an order to trade 300 xDAI for at least 17.1 STAKE, allowing for a 2% slippage from the Oracle Price.

Enter what is in BOLD.

To begin, enter the “xDAI Value” that is to be sent as part of the proposal:

In this case 300 xDAI, entered as: 300

Contract fields:

TokenIn: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (xDAI)

TokenOut: 0xb7D311E2Eb55F2f68a9440da38e7989210b9A05e (STAKE)

TokenInAmount: 300 000000000000000000

MinAmountOut: 17 100000000000000000

PriceTolerance: 20 000 (2%)

MinReserve: 20000 000000000000000000

Deadline: 1612051200 (January 31st)

PriceOracle: 0xA818b4F111Ccac7AA31D0BCc0806d64F2E0737D7 (Honeyswap Factory)

Screenshot of exact field entries:

8) Click the “Submit Proposal” button, and “Confirm” the MetaMask transaction.

Your proposal will show in “Regular Proposals”. You will see a blinking Red warning that the proposal is “ > Sending 300 xDAI < ” so that it is very clear this multicall proposal is sending funds.

9) That’s all folks!