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Reputation Based Governance


DXdao uses a meritocratic governance system that rewards voting power to those who make contributions to DXdao products, community discussions, and strategies.

Voting power is derived through REP, a non-transferrable asset on the Ethereum blockchain. REP holders govern the DXdao ecosystem. REP is accrued through a single Ethereum address, which is used to vote on proposals. Like reputation in the real world, more REP is accrued when a community member contributes to DXdao, and – in contrast – the less a member participates, the member loses REP through inflation.

How to gain REP

Any community member that contributes to DXdao, either by participating in community discussions, making posts on, or contributing in any meaningful way may also receive REP. DXdao currently operates a REP Boost Program where community members that make a contribution to DXdao during a given month are nominated for a 0.1% REP boost.

Community members that receive a REP boost need to submit a REP boost proposal on DXvote. Here is a link for How-to Submit a REP Boost Proposal on Alchemy.

If you believe that you should receive REP for a DXdao contribution, contact Chris on to be nominated. DXdao welcomes nominating new community members for REP, and we are looking for new effective ways to allocate REP, while still honoring DXdao’s merit-based governance system. If you have a suggestion on how to allocate REP, please state it in the #governance channel on the DXdao Keybase or

Full-time contributors may earn up to 4% REP for paid contributions to DXdao. A contributor may request 0.1667% of REP for each month they have worked.

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